Meeting Your Goals Requires a Marketing Plan

Marketing GoalsA successful entrepreneur is one that never rests on their laurels. While it is our hope that you are happy with all that you’ve accomplished in your business, it is equally important that you are looking to the areas where you have not met your expectations, areas where there is room for improvement, and being goal oriented as you calculate your results on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Thankfully this is a simple matter of deciding what it is that you want from your business. What is the most important thing to you? Is it repeat business, new clients, media attention, the respect of your industry peers? These are the questions you must ask yourself and the creation of and the following of a marketing plan might be exactly what you require.

The easiest way of envisioning a market plan is looking at two important factors. First, what you have accomplished and from there ask yourself where you want to be. From there you will see a simple gap and make sure to address this first and foremost when writing your marketing plan. These are the questions that must dominate your thoughts as you prepare the plan to arriving at your goals.

Be Specific

Don’t simply say, “I want to make more money”, or, “I would like more clients”. The question must be, “How much more money?” and “How many new clients?” Your goals must be measurable and attainable for you to get a sense of what you have accomplished and what you have yet to accomplish. Continue reading

Promotional Spirit Tumblers: The Revolution is Here

A spirited revolution is underway—haven’t you heard? You must have seen it.  There is a seismic change happening in the drinkware business and if you aren’t part of it, you may be a casualty of lost margin and revenue.

Drinkware is now one of the top five best-selling categories in the promotional items industry and growing every day. Updated designs, trendier styles and eco-friendly construction have all come together to disrupt the safe and traditional best-sellers.

One item that has moved aggressively into the middle of the battle for promotional dollars is the Spirit Double-Wall Acrylic Tumbler. Coffee Shops have been selling this item retail for $15. Their customers love the versatility of keeping their ice coffee cold and their cappuccino hot while in the car or on-the-go.

Promotional Spirit Tumblers

It’s a great way to advertise in any season. The Spirit Tumbler has a large imprint area for your company’s logo—you’ll be seen and remembered. The tumblers are value-priced but still perfect for a corporate event, fall parties of all types and school functions. Available in all the hot colors and priced with a sturdy straw, this could be the trade show give-away your best customers will remember long after their visit.

Don’t let the revolution pass you by! Let the Spirit Double-Wall Acrylic Tumbler help your battle for more customers and profits.

Why Buy Promotional Products?

It’s a fact: people love stuff. Stroll through a trade show sometime and see how much buzz a nifty giveaway creates. Next time you’re at a conference, notice how eagerly attendees (yourself included) rummage though their “swag bags” to see what goodies the sponsors have provided. For event giveaways, corporate gifts, and dozens of other purposes, promotional products create an impression that lasts longer than any ad or business card.

And the evidence is much more than anecdotal. Recent surveys revealed that:

  • 76% of respondents could recall the company name on a promotional product they had received in the past 12 months … but only 53% could recall a single advertiser they’d seen in a magazine or newspaper in the past week.
  • 72% of trade show attendees who received a promotional item remembered the name of the company that gave it to them—and 76% had a favorable attitude toward that company.
  • Including a promotional product with a pre–trade show mailing increases the likelihood of attendees stopping by the booth.*

Here at GOpromos, you’ll find the perfect promotional items for your business or organization—and our helpful staff is here to make selecting and ordering products fast, easy, and yes, even fun. Contact us today at 1-800-523-9909 for personalized assistance.

* Source: Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 2009 Promotional Products Fact Sheet